2019 GDC Candidates Survey

We asked the Council candidates 20 questions. Below are links to their responses (first received at the top, last at the bottom). For those voters who don’t have the time and energy to read 35 x 20 responses, we’ll get one or two TRA members to read and rank them for their perspectives. Check back around 20 September to see who has responded and what they have to say.





  1. Do you believe the economic benefits outweigh the environmental risk of extending the wharf at Eastland Port?
  2. What, if anything, will you do to support the reopening of the railway between Gisborne and Wairoa?
  3. There have been multiple concerns around the pine industry in recent years, from pine pollen and respiratory illness, to workers’ safety, to freshwater and soil impacts. What’s your vision for pine in our future? How can Council encourage better practices in the industry?
  4. What are the most important considerations when planning a future economy for Tairāwhiti?
  5. Not very long ago our region faced a declining population and the risk of becoming a ‘zombie town’ – unable to support our own infrastructure requirements due to a small and declining population. Thankfully that future has been deferred by a buoyant economy primarily based on good commodity prices. Given the commodities by definition have cycles, what will you do to help diversify and protect our economy in order to mitigate the ‘zombie town’ risk?
  6. What do you think are the main issues that are important to tangata whenua and what will you do about them?
  7. What do you see as the co-governance responsibilities of GDC with the iwi of Tairāwhiti and how will you enhance GDC’s response to them?
  8. What is your opinion about the importance of ensuring diversity on and in the council (e.g. gender, ethnic, disability, etc.)?
  9. Is Council currently meeting, exceeding or failing in its local government obligations towards biodiversity protection and enhancement in Te Tairāwhiti?
  10. What is your understanding of our climate vulnerability in the region and what plans do you have to make us climate resilient and climate responsive?
  11. What are your ideas for helping people who don’t have good internet access to be involved in local decision-making and have their say on public issues?
  12. What are your ideas for getting more public participation in local decisions? Who do you think is missing out?
  13. Do you believe our model of representative democracy is the best it can be? If not, what will you push to change?
  14. As a district council representative how would you balance the interests of your ward with the interests of the wider district if there was a conflict?
  15. Would you support changes similar to what the majority of Council supported at the 2017 Representation Review that was overturned by the Local Government Commission?
  16. Do you believe that the Council provides the public with sufficient information and input on important decisions? If not, what could it do to improve access to information and decision-making?
  17. As you will be making decisions that impact their lives long after you are gone, what are your ideas and commitments to engage with local young people?
  18. There is a major housing shortage in Gisborne, what would you do as a councillor to increase access to healthy, affordable housing in the district?
  19. Rural roads have always been a challenge to maintain, central government has recently provided a one-off injection of funding but sustainably funding rural roads will be an ongoing challenge. The targeted portion is based on capital value and is split into differential rating groups based on their highest and best land use that are weighted as follows: Residential 1.0; Horticulture and Pastoral farming 1.5; Industrial and Commercial 2.0; Forestry 7.5. Do you believe this allocation of roading costs recovery is fair and reasonable? If not, what would you propose?
  20. What is your vision for what it will be like to be a resident here in 2050?


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